7 Features to Look for When Shopping for Chemical Metering Pumps

If you're buying a chemical metering pump to use in your factory or even in a residential environment such as for dispensing chlorine into a home pool, you need to choose the features carefully. Here are some of the options you may want to consider. These features will help with functioning, but they will also help the metering pump to last longer.

1. Wall Mount

You don't want the metering pump to just be sitting on the floor. There, it could get kicked or stepped on. Instead, you want it to have a wall mount. Alternatively, look for a chemical metering pump that can be mounted directly to your equipment.

2. Rain Cover

If you plan to use the unit outside, you want a rain cover over the controls. This can just consist of a simple clear plastic cover that sits on a hinge and snaps over the controls. A rain cover can also be useful in industrial settings where other chemicals or liquids may splash onto the metering pump.

3. The Right Pressure and Flow Capacities

You also need to take into account the pressure of flow capabilities when choosing your chemical pumping meter. You need to ensure that both the high points and the low points work for your application. Opting for a metering pump that doesn't have the capabilities you need just to save money, will ultimately just force you into buying a newer system sooner.  

4. Solenoid Protection

Most chemical metering pumps have a solenoid inside of them. It's essentially a coil that carries the electrical current through the pump. To protect that critical component, you need a system that comes with the ability to automatically reset in cases of thermal overload. You may want to look for additional safeguards against voltage surges or current upsets.

5. Override Button

In some cases, you personally may want to shut down the chemical metering pump. So that's possible, you need a unit with an override button or a stop button.

6. Remote Controls

A remote control allows you to change the external inputs on your chemical metering pump without standing next to the unit. If you have a large facility and you want the flexibility to control the pump from afar, you may want to look for this feature.

7. Heavy Duty for Continuous Use

Finally, if you plan to use the metering pump constantly, you want a heavy duty pump. Look for a unit that promises to work continuously. You may see a rating such as 'hot'. That just means it can withstand the heat of constant running.