Safeguards to Discourage Skip Bin Renters from Putting Hazardous Waste Items in Their Bins

Skip bin hire companies help home owners and businesses maintain good sanitation by offering skip bins used to hold rubbish and facilitate removal of the rubbish from properties. However, not all manner of waste should be put into skip bins because some waste items such as car batteries, asbestos-containing cement, lead paints and aerosol cans are hazardous. To prevent skip bin users from putting these hazardous waste items into skip bins, skip bin hire companies usually take a number of safeguards, including:

Imposing a blanket ban on hazardous waste.

Skip bin hire services can usually provide their clients with different types of skip bins, including general waste bins, green waste bins, construction waste bins, and mixed waste bins, so that every client can hire a bin that is designed to match their specific rubbish removal needs.

Skip bin service providers normally impose a blanket ban on harmful waste items that must not be put in the bins provided. Clients that need to dispose of hazardous waste items are often advised to seek help from waste management facilities that accept such waste. For example, home owners that need to dispose of household chemicals should seek the services of a chemical waste removal company.

Refusing to pick up bins containing hazardous waste.

If the driver that is sent to haul away a skip bin from a client's property finds that the bin contains any hazardous waste, they are often given strict instructions not to pick up the bin. Instead, they will place a tag on the bin indicating the reason for the missed collection. The bin renter will be asked to remove the hazardous waste as well as any contaminated waste before they can arrange for another pickup, which will cost extra.

Imposing fines on bin renters that put hazardous materials in their bins.

If rubbish that is removed from a client's property and taken to a waste transfer station for sorting is found to be containing hazardous materials, then the full cost of the cleanup, including the cost of transferring the waste to a waste management facility that can handle it, will be passed on to the client. In addition to that, the client may be asked to pay a hefty fine for breaching the terms of service.

The above measures are normally put in place to help protect the environment that you live in while still providing you with convenient rubbish removal service, so it is best to play ball with your skip bin hire company.