All You Need To Know when Looking To Clean Your Septic Tank

A septic tank is an underground tank which is used for the collection of sewage. The sewage in the tank is allowed to decompose through bacteria activity after which, it is drained at a leaching field. This is an essential home requirement as it assists in proper waste management. The sewage in the septic tank can house a lot of germs which can make you sick. These include viruses, bacteria, protozoa as well as helminths. All these germs can come in contact with you through drinking water from a shallow reservoir near a poorly designed soakage treatment area. One can also get in touch with the germs through handling soil that has been contaminated around the soakage treatment area. This, therefore, means that a septic tank requires regular cleaning to avoid any contamination. Here is some useful information you require when it comes to septic tank cleaning.

  1. Warning Signs – Just like any other system, a septic tank also has several warning signs which can be used to predict whether it requires cleaning. Not only will the cleaning keep you and your loved ones safe but also ensure that the tank remains in good working condition. To know whether your septic tank requires some cleaning, inspect the sink drainage in your house. A dirty septic tank will result in slow drainage as the system will be too clogged to enable water to flow smoothly in the pipes. Another sign that your septic tank requires some cleaning is when the water in the toilet bowl rises. This is also another good sign that you need to clean up your septic tank as soon as possible. Lastly, a septic tank requires cleaning when nasty smells come from its vents. This can be detected when passing close to the vents. It also represents a key indicator that the sewage inside the septic has risen past its allowance and therefore requires cleaning as soon as possible. Once you notice any of these signs, take the initiative to clean your septic tank before you start experiencing the adverse effects.
  2. Cleaning Services – When you contact a septic cleaning company to do the work for you, they will make sure that they dispose of all the toxic contents in a treatment location which has been approved by the council. This will ensure that the disposal of your sewage adheres to the environmental regulations. The cleaning service company will also offer any repairs required by the septic tank. These include fixing the inlet and outlet tees as well the tank's lid to improve efficiency and avoid spillage. Lastly, the service company will offer cleanliness tips which will reduce the load on your tank system through the promotion of good bacteria.

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